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The same as most online businesses, TickmilPRO FXOption Trades recognizes the importance of our client’s privacy. As a financial services firm, we must obtain certain personal and financial information from the client, in order to setup and service the client accounts.

TickmilPRO FXOption Trades makes use of the client’s personal and financial information exclusively for the following purposes:

TickmilPRO FXOption Trades will never use, disclose, sell, rent or lease the client’s personal and financial information to any third parties except those stated in “Disclosure of Client’s Personal Information”. The income, credit history, net worth or income information will not be shared by the Company under any circumstances.

Disclosure of Client’s Personal Information

TickmilPRO FXOption Trades may disclose the client’s personal information to third-party entities in the following cases:

Information Collected from the Client

Information Collected from the Client

The information collected online may be combined with other information provided to the Company in hard copy or through TickmilPRO FXOption Trades ’s customer service department. The information may be transferred across national borders for the purposes of data consolidation, storage and customer data management.

The information collected may include: Full name, Address, Date of Birth, ID Number, Copy of ID document, Occupation, Utility Bills, Bank Statement.

The financial information may include the assets, investment experience, and monthly income, in order to evaluate the client’s trading experience, understand his financial needs and provide him with products and services suitable to his specific needs.

Use of Cookies

TickmilPRO FXOption Trades uses a number of cookies on its website.

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie is a small file saved on users’ computers to help store preferences and other information on web pages that were visited. Cookies contain information transferred to the visitor’s computer hard drive. This information allows TickmilPRO FXOption Trades management and employees to better understand the visitor’s navigation across the website, determine the users’ type of browser and computer, improve the services by tailoring the website and advertising to the client’s preferences.

The client can choose if and how these cookies will be accepted by changing his browser settings and options. However, it is important to note, that there is not any personally identifiable information collected in this process and it is also possible to block any third-party cookies.

Should you have any further questions regarding the Privacy Policy you may email our support team for further clarification or assistance.

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